Chocolate! As one reads it, there would be 3/5 who would wish to have it now. Age is no limit to curtail the desire for chocolate. “Age no bar for Cadbury Gems!” Though many eat chocolate for its mouthwatering taste, there are many interesting facts to know about them! Chocolate too have health benefits. ! Dark chocolate are good for health as it contains more of cocoa beans. Except for chocolate made of cocoa beans others have excess of sugar.
Dark Chocolate Reduces The Risk of Heart Diseases
Is your heart beat racing on the sight of chocolate? Do you wish to eat chocolate? But are you afraid that it may harm your heart? There is an interesting fact about dark chocolate which many are unaware about. Dark chocolate have more of anti-oxidants. This anti-oxidants helps in widening your arteries and veins thus preventing plaque formation which restricts the blood flow. Consequently it prevents cardiovascular disorders and improves your health. So people who have brave or weak hearts, no one would fear chocolate anymore! ☺
Dark Chocolate Reduces Diabetes

Sugar free chocolate????? But if it was sugar free chocolate, then it would be stated “consumable by diabetic patients”. Why should it be stated that it reduces diabetes? Think twice. Yes it is not a sugar free specific chocolate or chocolate produced solely for diabetic patients.
Cocoa beans naturally has the quality to reduce diabetes. Dark chocolate are made from cocoa beans has greater health benefits. Flavonoids is a molecule that has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-clotting effects. These substances in dark chocolate helps to increase the insulin thus lessening the risk of diabetes.
So people with diabetics, if you are crazy about sweets then you could satisfy your temptation by having dark chocolate! ☺
Dark Chocolate Reduces Stress
Ahh! Smell chocolate and you feel that you are lightened and energetic. You feel that you are relived from your pressure. How many of you have experienced this? Observe closely and you would see that magic. This magic happens because Dark chocolate acts as a catalyst to increase the theta brain waves. This ultimately relaxes your nerves and could give you healthy benefit that you may feel.
If you want to recover your stamina after workouts then eat a chocolate!
Dark Chocolate Prevents Tooth Decay

“My child is 10 and I have done 2 root canals for him! So I don’t allow him to have chocolate.”
Oh my God! Restricting a child from having chocolate is the most severe punishment that the child could ever get. Here is an interesting and enlightening fact about chocolate which will make both the parents and children happy.
It is a fact that sweetened eatables usually cause tooth decay. chocolate are also full of sugar and you might probably think that it is not good for your teeth. But it is not completely true. Theo Bromine is a substance that is present in pure cocoa. chocolate made up of pure cocoa helps you prevent tooth decay. Theo Bromine is present in dark chocolate and it fights with the bacteria in the mouth and ensure healthy tooth.
This is really a good information for chocolate loving kids.
Dark Chocolate Boost Memory
Do you have weak memory? There is a proven scientific fact about chocolate.
It has been suggested by scientist at Harvard Medical School that hot chocolate may help in boosting memory power. It acts as a stimulant to keep your brain healthy. Drinking two cups of hot chocolate a day may prevent memory decline in older people. Hot chocolate increases the blood flow in the brain and provides more energy to parts of the brain. This is one of the astonishing dark chocolate heath benefits.
Isn’t this a welcome news about chocolate? If questioned why we consume more chocolate then, we have a very good excuse. ☺
Dark Chocolate Protect Your Skin

Everyone would wish to look beautiful. Every individual would desire to have glowing skin and stunning look. So, we use face creams, makeup kit etc.
You need not strain much. If you want a glowing and healthy skin, then eat dark chocolate. This is one of the cool healthy benefits of dark chocolate. The compounds found in dark chocolate are good for your skin. It increase the blood flow to your skin. It increases the density of skin thereby prevents your skin from the UV rays. It also hydrates the skin. These effects caused by dark chocolate helps reduce the harm caused by sun.
Say bye to creams! Dark chocolate does it all!
Dark Chocolate Helps to Prevent Aging
If the witch in Tangled (movie/ fairy tale) had known this fact about chocolate, then she would not have spoil the life of the young princess for her hair which keeps the witch young. ☺ Yes chocolate helps to prevent aging.
With each bite of the chocolate you look younger. Isn’t it a great news about chocolate? 80% of the dark chocolate have anti-aging compound in it. The fact that chocolate makes your skin glow by pumping blood to the skin is linked to this fact that dark chocolate works to slow down your aging.

Here comes the real health benefits of dark chocolate that everyone want in nutrition. Chocolate contains iron, magnesium in permissible amounts. Choose dark chocolate as they are 70% healthy. Else opt for almond chocolate. Dark chocolate has flavonoids which acts as vitamin B anti-oxidants. Dark chocolate have high fat content. This is why many don’t believe when said chocolate are good for health. But this fat comes from plants and it is less harmful.
Nutrition in everyone’s favorite! I know this fact about chocolate brought a great relief to people who are dieting.
Dark Chocolate is Good For Your Pet
Your pet dogs and cats may fall ill or even die if they have chocolate. So watch and keep chocolate in a place that is not easily reachable by your pets at home.
Almond and its use in Chocolate!
Of the total almond production in the world almost 40% of it is used for chocolate production! Almonds have more of nutritional value that could fetch you greater health benefits.

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