People so called Busy-bee. Every one of us who are in working class waits for a sunday to come. May be expected to have 2 sunday per week. Hence we have a day that was made for all labour across the world. Yes! today labour day 2015, so called May day celebrated in our country India. We must know the reason behind this recognition in this labour day 2015.

  • Labour day was first celebrated in New York city. The date of celebration was September 5th 1882. Later in 1884 it had been declared to celebrate the first monday of every september. The Labour day was mean to be celebrated.
  • Labour day was the result of the American Labour Union and was promoted by Central Labour Union who organized the first parade.
  • There is still a conflict in knowing “Who is the founder of the Labour Day”. The past records shows that Peter J. McGuire,who was the general secretary for the Union of Carpenters was the first in making this day as an honor for all the workers. But later recent researchers says that Matthew Maguire, a machinist have founded this day as Labour day. No one knows who actually invented the Labour day since Labour day 2015.
  • This Labour day had been declared as a Nationwide Holiday in 1894. In this day Americans celebrate with various athelete events, parties and many other sports too.
  • A Movie was release in 2013 as “Labor Day” directed by Jason Reitman starring Kate Winslet, Josh Brolin, Gattlin Griffith. The movie revolves around the story that happens in labor day weekend. The Movie rocks tha box-office with 6.9 / 10 IMDb rating.
  • Not Only this day celebrated in America. The Labour day was celebrated in May 1st of every year in India,Pakistan, Finland, France, Germany, china and many other countries. It is 1st monday in October for Australians. 7th June in Bahamas, 4th Monday in October for New Zealand.
  • Since most of the countries celebrate May day as Labour day. It has been declared as “International Workers Day” and made as Mandatory Public Holiday.
  • In India, May day was first celebrated in Madras (Chennai) at Marina Beach in 1923. It was organized by Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan. There was statue in the beach as a symbol of honor for the workers.
  • This was the First time Red Flag was used in India as a symbol of honor for labour who shed their blood for work. This also means that ‘Working is a never ending process present in the blood of Indians’.
  • Labour day has its origin to make 8 hours as working hour for people. It was been made in “Labour Union Movement” also called as “8 hour Movement”. But today people run beyond the hours as it was 9 hrs for any IT people who spends 10,11 and even 12 hrs a day in office. Indeed in this Labour day 2015 we need another Labour Union Movement for these unhealthy practice.

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