Something that all of us browse secretly is the tips to lose weight.
Let me tell you few ways of yoga asanas for weight loss, here you can lose weight by practicing yoga on a regular basis.
These are easier yoga asanas for weight loss that are not going to get you cramps.

  1. Downward-facing dog Pose
    On a significant breathe out, this is one of the significant yoga asanas for weight loss, the hips are pushed toward the roof, the body shapes a modified V-shape. The back is completely forthright with the front ribs tucked in. The legs are totally candid with the heels coming to the floor. The hands are open. The arms are straight, with the internal elbows turning towards the roof. The shoulders are wide and loose. Line up the ears with the internal armed which keeps the neck stretched. The hands are shoulder width separated and feet stay hip-width separated. In the event that the hamstrings are exceptionally solid or tight, the knees are bowed to permit the spine to protract completely. The navel is drawn inwards. The hips climb and back. On a breath out, release the hands and knees and rest in fetal position.
  2. Half Wheel Pose
    This being one among the best yoga asanas for weight loss is to conditions your arms and shoulder muscles. Stand straight with feet together and arms nearby the body. Breathe in, raise your arms overhead, palms confronting one another. Breathe out, tenderly twist in reverse pushing the pelvis forward, keeping the arms in accordance with the ears, elbows and knees straight, head up, and lifting your midsection towards the roof. Hold. Breathe in, return up. Breathing out, put your arms down and unwind.
  3. Chair Pose
    Stay in Tadasana position. Bring your hands up. At that point bend your knees and endeavor to keep your thighs parallel with the floor in the same route in which you sit on a seat. Stay in this position for 30 seconds and discharge. This will help you in diminishing fat from the arms and thighs and could be one of the best yoga asanas for weight loss.
  4. Warrior Pose
    For this, you have to stand straight and after that move your feet around 4 inches separated from one another. Bring your arms up & stretch them. Presently turn your right leg to 90 degrees on the right side & appropriately turn your left leg in the same course & stretch it. Hold your back straight. Look upwards towards your hands confronting the sky. Rehash this asana 10 times day by day. It is a powerful weight yoga asanas for weight loss.
  5. Mountain Pose
    Here you need to stand straight on a mat. Presently, you need to put your hands up & stretch it as much as you can. Attempt to keep your hands straight. This gives a decent massage to your hands, back, spine and the entire body. This is the most prescribed yoga asanas for weight loss and an asana for tallness too.
  6. Intense Dorsal Stretch
    Take a seat on the floor with both legs stretched out forward before you. Stretch your arms and body forward and attempt to touch your toes. Try not to curve your knees & attempt to touch your toes. These kinds of yoga asanas for weight loss gives a decent extend to your hands, arms & your spine. Likewise, it lessens additional tummy fat & keeps your sound & free from ailments
  7. Triangle Pose
    Stand straight, put your feet wide separated. Turn your right foot out to 90 degrees & forgot foot to 15 degrees. Guarantee that your body’s weight is adjusted similarly on both feet. Twist your body to the right side, descending from the hips. Verify that you keep your waist straight, along these lines permitting your left hand to come open to question and your right hand descends and touches the ground. Attempt to keep both the arms in a straight line. Rehash on the other side. Trikonasana extends the sides of your body. It conditions your arms & thighs. It additionally enhances the adaptability of your body and thus be a suggested yoga asanas for weight loss.
  8. Hand Under Foot Pose
    Stand straight with your feet touching one another. Breathe out and twist downwards from your hips to touch your feet with your fingers. Keep your arms extended in the entire procedure. Gradually rise upwards and back to the first position.
  9. Cobra Pose
    Lie on your stomach. puts your palms under your shoulders in a way that it gets tucked near to your body. Stretch your legs in a manner that the highest point of your foot presses down into the mat. Presently breathe in & gradually press your hands to extend your arms, sending your chest upwards. This posture resembles a snake & consequently it is known as the cobra stance or the snake posture. These has been a well known yoga asanas for weight loss.
  10. Wind-Relieving Pose
    Rest on your back in a straight position. Right away lift up your left leg & fold it from the knee. In a split second, attempt to press your left leg towards your stomach. Attempt to touch your chin with your knee. For this, you will need to lift up your head a bit. Have a go at doing in addition with right leg too. When you enough do this, have a go at doing correspondingly progression with both the legs in the meantime. This is one of the most successful yoga asanas for weight loss and helps in lessening fats in your stomach.

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