“At the Age of 20″, “When i was in 20 years old”, this phrase everyone use to say 20 years later. There are things that never return in our life, one among them is Age. Being a Youth, we must do something before we get ripened. Yup ! these things we must concentrate in our 20s.

  1. Build Quality Network in Your 20 Years Old
    Whenever we talk about network our mind goes to Facebook, Twitter, whatsapp..Today we have a very big friend list, followers and groups for chat. We could accept that we have such a huge networks and friend followers. But everyone should analyse whether the network that you have build in your social profile are quality networks. I agree with these most powerful tools of social networks. One can be benefited to the optimum level in 20 years old only when he uses these tools in a intelligent manner.
  2. Analyse What You Want in life in Your 20 Years Old
    When we stepped into KG’s we would probably think and learned to excel in alphabets and one to ten numerical. But when the day rolls we would have spoken out our wish of becoming a doctor or an engineer or anything else. Everyone has a very crucial part in their life of deciding what they want to be. Literally everyone would accept that it’s 20 years old . Yes! May be 20 years old decide our carrier path of where we will be in the next upcoming years of our lifetime. Hence we are in a while to care these age 20 even if you don’t accept.
  3. Travel More in Your 20 Years Old
    May be at the age of 20 many of us will get an Opportunity to explore the society. It’s the right time that changes our pace of life that makes us to face the society wall rather than our bedroom window or school corridor. Travelling more in this 20 age period could give us variety of experience in meeting people, culture, standard of living and even more.
  4. Develop Patience
    20 years old youngster obviously wants everything to be done immediately without any time lag. This is the age where most of us will never have patience towards anything we do. But the fact is the patience and maturity that we develop 20 years After is the result of that we seed in this age 20. People who are patience in their 20s achieved big in their lifetime. This patience has the enormous power of designing our future as well.
  5. Be Mentally Healthy
    Today we celebrate a day for diabetes. 90% of victims to diabetes is due to stress and those stress are the result of mental sickness. We run behind our schools, colleges, offices from dawn to dusk we don’t have time to spend for ourselves as well as our own family. God has created this earth with 12hrs night and 12 hrs day just because to keep man healthy with sleep. Our mind needs equal amount of sleep as much as our work. This is the most lacking scenario among the youngsters who are 20 years old. We hesitate to involve ourselves in things that our mind gets refreshment. It is very important for us to be mentally healthy inorder to live a healthy lifestyle.
  6. Take care of Your Body
    One cannot draw an art without a wall. A well known fact in the world. however big your dreams maybe you should have a healthy body to withstand in this world. We usually don’t care about our body in this 20 years old . Eating roadside, sleeping late night, roaring entire city without thinking of drinking water, studying entire syllabus over night for exams, playing nonstop games and starring at our smartphones even without bothering about our eye’s rest, waking up in afternoon everything makes our mind as such we are enjoying the day. But literally we don’t realize that these habits are makes the worst part of our life 20 years after. So age 20 is the right time that you should atleast bother about your own flesh before it gets crushed.
  7. Create Healthy Habits in Your 20s
    Yup! Brushing our teeth in every morning as soon as we get up is the result of practice that later has become habit. Whoever the person may be in the world each and everyone has some common and unique habits in them. Usually these habits are born in childhood within us and are brought up in our 20 years old. Waking up at a constant time in the morning is a habit while getting into bed at fixed time too makes an habit. Updating yourself with the latest news in your smartphone every morning is a habit while practicing some aerobics at the evening makes an habit. If you can’t live without Internet in your mobile too is a result of a habit that usually grows at the age 20. Therefore it’s upto you who are gonna design your life after 20 years by cultivating healthy habits in you.
  8. Learn New things
    A student will get his credit when he is updated with his new lessons. An employee will get benefited if he is in the latest trend. Learning new things not only meant for lectures but also for each and every individual who strive to achieve big in this world. If you are a taxi driver learn new routes. If you are cook then try with new dishes. If you are ceo of a company then find new ways to innovate your projects. Whoever you may be or wherever you may be in you can do something new when you are 20 years old because you will have tremendous energy in redefining the way that world thinks. Rock well. You can.!
  9. Master in What You Know
    No one can walk on the rope unless he masters in walking on it. He himself could not master in that skill unless he practices more to do so. Similarly we all in this world will be definitely doing some works. A mason could eventually sketch a building to be constructed in greater manner well than an engineer. This could be possible only if he decides to master in his skill. Youth of 20’s have adequate skill to develop and grasp the things which are around them perfectly. So could you do.!
  10. Read a Lot
    We may be tired of reading books when we are in schools and colleges. I never means that kind of reading. Those we read for our livelihood but read literally means reading to live your life. Yesteryear people developed their reading habits through newspapers and books. We too have lots of newspapers, magazines and publishers book around us. Our generation reading owns e-paper in our smartphones e-magazines and pdf e-books. We too have e-book readers as well in the form of apps and even as device kindle. When you don’t find your interest in reading paper based sources just make your smartphones installed with most useful news apps like newshunt, google play news, flipboard, buzzfeed etc., you can also find the e-version of the newspapers in app stores for almost all. Install by your own choice and start reading lot useful information.

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