List of Top 10 funny but true facts for facebook people. These funny but true facebook facts would let you to question the reality you are living. You will Absolutely Accept this facebook reality if you are well used to Facebook.

  1. To be honest Status
    To be honest, you can be honest right on their face not on facebook. This is Ofcourse funny but true facts about facebook users And hash tag status yet another a menace.
  2. Posting On Other’s Wall
    Something that can be asked on a chat or text message is posted on the wall.This funny act makes us forget that we are living in a practical world. This seems to be funny but true facts in everyone’s facebook life.
  3. Game Invites
    In this you never feel bad to invite anyone on this earth to play candycrush. Of course funny ! but true facts still exist. This is the same for other games also.
  4. Tributes and Gratitude
    You pay tribute to the entire world here. Thank a person with gifts or thank god by going to a temple. Why on facebook augmented reality?
  5. Facebook Family
    The entire family lives in the same house, but passes comments and conveys their messages on which seems to be funny but true facts felt across every family. Can’t you tell them directly?
  6. Being Social
    Even the most reserved person gets social on facebook. They try to become a totally new person. What a funny but true facts which started happening only on facebook before instagram arrives.
  7. Tagging Photos
    You get tagged in photos for no reason. Your friends tag you on posts just for likes or notifications on facebook.
  8. Sharing Problems
    Share your heart out. Even if you don’t have any one to share your problem, This is ofcourse one of the most funny but true facts that people radically accepts.
  9. Funny But True Facts Between Friends
    You talk a lot with the person on facebook chat, but when you see them in person you won’t even bother to say hi.
    Sometimes we wonder how the ugliest of the profile photos getting maximum number of likes. This is seriously a strange fact that happens only on facebook. Don’t know how. But could be our top choice of funny but true facts for facebook.

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