Exams are done and it is time for summer vacation. At least for a month, no more school, studies, books, exams, tuitions etc. Summer vacations are up and everyone would gear up to spend their summer vacation. It is a strict “NO” to spend summer vacation at home. If not at home, then do you wonder how to spend summer vacation? There are many places to visit in Chennai which would make your vacation useful. Parents must relax/compromise on their busy schedule to spend time with their family

It is difficult to list the best places to spend your vacation as each individual will have a different taste. Here are some of the places to visit in Chennai during your summer vacation. Explore each destination based on your interest!

  1. Dakshina Chitra
    If you are a lover of art, tradition and culture, then you should definitely top Dakshina Chitra in your list of the places to visit in Chennai. It is a heritage museum which will inspire you to look at South India in a different perspective. It will make you fall in love with South Indian architecture, lifestyles, crafts and performing arts.
    You can have your hands on pottery, shell crafts, mehendi, weaving, puppets, origami and more. It gives you an indefinable joy when you make a pot all by yourself. Take a walk through the traditional and historical houses constructed with the relative items; it will give you a desire to live in those days. Even the person who has the least liking towards art works will start developing interest in them. It is the most beautiful place to visit in Chennai. A visit to this place on your summer vacation will load with splendid creativity, memories, pictures and knowledge.
  2. Mahabalipuram
    Incredible place to visit in Chennai is Mahabalipuram. It is the historic plus famous tourists spot in Chennai. One could never find a place more suitable to spend summer vacation in Chennai. This picnic spot has the greatest architectural and sculptural accomplishments in India. This 7th Century Pallava monuments are feast to eyes. This stands a proof for the architectural talent during the period of Pallava. Nine monolithic temples are present in Mahabalipuram. The most significant of the nine are Five Rathas which is etched after the famous five Pandas of Mahabharata.
    The remarkable part of these sculptures is that, they are carved out of a single rock. The cave temples are artistic. The sandy beach with its silvery sea waves welcomes you with large tides. It is a fantastic sea shore surrounded by vast trees. Throughout the way you can find innumerable handicrafts and craftworks. You will stop at each shop; if not to buy but at least to gaze! All these together make Mahabalipuram a stunning place any visitor would be mesmerized by its majesty.
  3. Muttukadu
    Muttukadu boat house is one of the most pre dominant places that would never skip the discussion hall when planning on how to spend the summer vacation. It is a beautiful serene place to visit in Chennai. Muttukadu boat house which is owned by Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation attracts more visitors each day. This boat house has different boats like pedal boats, row boats, motor boats etc. as you find in other boat clubs. Life-jackets are given to all. Thus safety is ensured. You would experience a joy which reaches above expectations when you ride under that over-bridge built over the Muttukadu Lake.
    There are large buildings in the backdrop which adds to beauty of the ride. At times, you may catch a sight of many kinds of lovely birds There is bamboo roofed waiting room and chairs outside the room for the visitors to wait and enjoy the lake view. The chill breeze will rejuvenate you. If you visit this place in Chennai as part of your summer vacation, then you can be assured that you will return energetic with peaceful mind.
  4. Marina and Elliot’s beach
    Summer vacation! The most crowded place would definitely turn to be Marina beach. Irrespective of the age group, when a plan is drafted on how to spend summer vacation, beach would never be skipped at any cost. How one could exists who doesn’t like to play with the mad waves? With its glittering golden sand and massive sea bed, Marina beach is the second largest beach in World. Watching the sun rise and sun set in Marina is fascinating and it will stun all your senses. Walking in the beach sand is really a tough task because of its friction. But that will not help you slow down and daunt your desire to feel the waves!
    Horse ride is one of the most exciting experience which will make you feel light and one should not miss this. Take a walk and you will feel energetic and enthusiastic. Small boats and ships at the horizons, the light house and its gigantic structure and harbour are a pleasant sight. There are historical monuments like Annadurai and MG Ramachandran memorials etc. Which will remind you of the famous personalities and their achievements. There are various food stalls which are more than enough to feast your taste buds. Chilli baji is my favourite item in Marina beach and none other place could serve you a baji much tastier like that! Your visit to Marina will load with many moments to cherish for lifetime.
  5. Pulicat Lake
    Pulicat Lake is one of the finest places in Chennai and an ideal summer vacation spot. Pulicat Lake is of great picturesque beauty. Many different coloured birds can be found in the lake banks. You will find diverse aquatic life in these lakes. The one special activity that could make your visit special is boat ride. Addition to the boat ride, fishing can also be done. The fishermen or the boatman will provide you with necessary equipment and help you with fishing.
    This is one of the special features in this best family picnic spot. Carry binoculars and camera with you, to capture amusing landscape. The climate in Pulicat Lake is simply calm and heart-warming. You can also set a camp near the lagoon. Pack your picnic lunch with you since there are no food joints available here.
    If you are great admirer of nature, then this spot is a must in your list of places to visit in Chennai during summer vacation.
  6. Vandalur Zoo
    Vandalur zoo in the out-skirts of Chennai city is a place to visit without fail during your summer vacation. In my point of you, the only place which you could choose without a second thought is vandalur zoo,because it is feasible in terms of cost and it educates and rejuvenates your spirit.
    The vegetation in vandalur zoo is commendable. The flora and fauna preserved and displayed in a wonderful landscape are exhilarating. Vandalur zoo is one of the picnic spots in Chennai and it is the pride of the state.
    You can spot almost all animals which exists in different regions of the world.
    Many species of monkey, deer, jackal, wolf, snake and all kinds of reptiles, different colored birds, tortoise, elephant, zebra, hyena, hippopotamus, giraffe, kangaroo etc.
    The giants of the zoo are lion, panther, tiger and cheetah. You have vehicles to help you transport inside the zoo. You could also find a great aquarium. Elephant bath and animal feeding time are noteworthy and should not be missed.
    Vandalur zoo should be applauded for its maintenance. Though you have to walk for long time, you will never get tired. With trees and shelters on all sides, it filters and prevents the heat of this terrible summer and the pleasant breeze will make you dissolve in beauty of vandalur zoo.
  7. Guindy Snake Park and Children’s Park
    If you are in love with flora and fauna, then you should include GNP in your schedule on how to spend your summer vacation. GNP and children’s park houses more than 600 different species. It has species of vertebrates and invertebrates. It is a shelter for deer, hyena, porcupines, jackal, monkeys, ants, grasshoppers,slugs etc.
    Are you longing for fresh air, peace of mind without compromising on fun and that too in a place located in the heart of city? Then your place of choice could only be GNP and children’s park. No other park in chennai could substitute this excellent place which toils with the motive to stress the importance of conservation and bio diversity.GNP is naturally a center of attraction for biologists. If you want your vacation to be both educative and fun, then this is the place to go. GNP and children’s park conducts camps to educate and create awareness on conservation. This is the exact place to educate on the significance of bio diversity.
  8. ChokiDhani
    Do you want to spend your summer vacation in Rajasthan? Wait! I could catch your mind. Why would anyone want to spend money and go to Rajasthan, when the heat in Chennai itself is not tolerable? Isn’t it that you were thinking about? There is an exciting place in Chennai which brings you the complete Rajasthani heritage. Choki Dhani! It is a mind blowing destination which will delight you in all aspects. Choki Dhani serves the purpose as a picinic spot in all dimensions thus making it a best place to visit in chennai.
    It has food, fun and entertainment. Choki Dhani portraits the uniqueness of Rajasthan, starting from their hospitality and traversing you through their ethnic culture and tradition. Rajasthani mandir, village lifestyle, animal rides, food, dresses, lawns,folk dances, light music etc, are all brought live to Chennai in the name of Chokidhani.
    With all the elements of admiration, this Chokidhani with its simple village concept is truly a wonderful place in Chennai to spend your evening with your family during your summer vacation.
  9. Malls
    The place which has more crowd next to railway stations is our city malls. From kids to adult everyone enjoy being there even without a reason. Now we have lots of malls in Chenab which has all class of shopping inside it. Spencer plaza would be opted for low and mid priced purchase while others like skywalk, express avenue, pheonix will afford a lot for the buyers.
    Shopping malls are not only meant for shopping at the malls it’s now a hub of cinema and fun. You could spend 3 hrs in watching any language movie with the top class facility at only Rs. 120. Starting from cinema it’s now the era of 5D and 7D theaters that are available inside the malls.
    You can spend a complete day this summer with your loved ones in malls watching your favorite cinema and engaging around fun filled games which are very realistic in nature. Every malls have their own style of fun activities to keep you entertained for hours.
  10. Theme parks
    Theme parks are being the No.1 choice of people who would like to spend their one complete summer day with their friends, colleagues and family. People rushing to theme parks never comes in single. Their will be a group of people always enjoying in the crowd.
    We have theme parks around the nook and corner round the city thus making it a best place to visit in chennai. We have kishkintha well made for kids and VGP for beach lovers, mid range rides for adults in MGM, extreme entertainment with all class of fun in Queensland. Whatever may be your choice you are going to enjoy the realm of joy in every fun filled ride with your loved ones and gonna be wet in water rides and swimming pools. Theme parks have been the best among the choice of others because of the need that gets satisfied which means enjoying a discount on price when you are in group also spending a whole day inside that fun city inside the chennai city.

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