1. Do this simple exercise
    This is the plank exercise, which strengthen your abdomen muscle, lower back and hip. Nothing more to explain about this pose just rest yourself in ground by balancing in your knee by facing your face upwards as you see in this picture. Breathe normally. This simple exercise is one of the most proven best tip to lose belly fat.
    Following the above exercise just spend some more time for crunches. If you feel comfortable just make yourself in this position as 90 degree with folded hands at the back and move your legs front and back towards your chest so that you could feel the effect in your stomach. Just repeat it for 10 times with 2 to 3 sets daily.
  2. If u can’t Run, Walk atleast
    Today we people are busy bee, we don’t have time to walk also. Starting from the morning till night we run behind our lives but we don’t have time to run. People who are health conscious now-a-days taking a jogging in the morning. This is the awesome technique to lose belly fat. But since when you don’t have time to running or jogging just take a walk. Walk where can you walk.
  3. Handle your stress
    Stress is the most important factor that affects your health. Stress increase the secretion of a hormone known as cortisol. This hormone induces muscle gain in belly area. So keep yourself cool. If you can laugh till your stomach gets ache at least twice a day.!! This is one of the best way to lose belly fat.
  4. Practise Breathe Habit
    While reading this heading you should be keen in understanding its meaning. Yes breathing is the one of the best and effective ways to burn your belly fat. When you run faster you will probably breathe faster, hence you are burning your fat easily. But this practise of breathing habit is yoga’s best ‘Pranayama’. People who doesn’t know about yoga also knows Pranayama. It’s just an action of inhaling and exhaling slowly with a patience. You can refer this in the below picture. This breathe practice could obviously help you in reducing stress also relaxes your abdominal muscles as well.
  5. Welcome ‘Protein’ & ‘vitamin c’
    Protein is the best way that could help you in losing your belly fat. Intake of more protein rich diet could help in building body muscles thus preventing the loosening of your belly muscles. There was a study that states that more you take up protein lesser you will have belly. Protein intake can be from fishes, eggs, meats, and dairy products. Don’t hesitate to take up meat, remember that meat provides you strength but the rice which contains the more carbohydrate content only affects you. Vitamin c also plays an important role in reducing belly fat. Vitamin c oxidizes more percent of fat during a normal jogging. Take at least one vitamin c rich food or fruit along per day along with protein.
  6. Say ‘No’ to sugar
    Sugar is one of the biggest enemy for the people who are in struggle to lose their belly. Frequent intake of sugar rich beverages also should be avoided. This is because sugar contains fructose which leads to increase in accumulation of fat in the stomach portion. So say ‘NO’.
  7. Practise Aerobic Exercise
    Aerobic exercises are the best friends for those who are willing to lose belly fat. When you cant follow the step 10 or 9 which was discussed above. You can simply practise some aerobic exercises daily. You can do any of the below exercise, but don’t forget to do everyday.
  8. Eat fibre rich food
    Fibre rich food could help you to maintain your abdominal muscles. A study states that eating a 10 grams of soluble fibre reduces 3.5% of fat in the abdominal cavity but doesn’t affect fat over other part of skin. So take these fibre rich content.
  9. Sleep Well
    Improper sleep is the most important factor that causes belly fat. There was a number of sayings about the sleep, though people are busy in working 8 AM to 8PM outside the home one should always remember that your mind and body needs equal amount of rest that you work. In a study, people who sleep more than 8 hrs and lesser than 6 hrs gain more abdominal fat than the others. Today we are not following a proper sleep practise. Whenever our favourite TV show or our whatsapp chat ends, then its time to sleep, and the awake depends on our school or college or office starting hour. So Sleep well if you want to lose your belly fat else if you continue this practise you will gain more.
  10. Check your Lifestyle
    After you have read about all these things you might at least have got some ideas to change your way you fails in. Therefore this is the time to Check your Lifestyle. Check whether your eating habit still persists on junk food or started taking fibre and protein food. This is the time to check whether you have started doing some exercises to lose belly fat or you are continuing the same. This is the time to check whether your stressful perspective on life changes or your sleeping habit still persists.

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