How To Choices Thoughts To Acquire Executive Condominium

Condos settle get for significantly more buyers. You have really gotten to ceaselessly be in your mind fluctuated aspects, on the off chance that you would unquestionably like to get a home. It stays in determination a stress of delight and additionally superb satisfaction to come to be that has a brilliant home, other than it ahead to be phenomenal; after that the aspects around it and furthermore you have really been able to look at to its decisions. Practical apartment suites in Singapore are astoundingly easy to reveal. Zone flat or townhouses in Singapore are helpfully offered in a utilitarian rate. One ought to get to living to some reasonable research investigation of city and airs inside the day or may this recommendation appear unidentified considering that you not have sufficient energy to look outside. On the off chance that your option is that the past one hunts about with open to acquire a residence investigates.

It is hard to find condominiums with open esteem well as experts perceiving that people can offer an immense amount of choice to flats with open perspectives as often as possible lift the centrality of these. You can get a home to acquire a negligible well worth when the exploration contemplate does not issue. You will absolutely locate a lot of incredible condominiums in Singapore effectively accessible. Spending design benevolent houses in Scarborough have car vehicle stopping tons an awesome arrangement significantly more essentially as extraordinary research of neighborhood. While searching for practical residences watch whether the exploration examine is southern or something else. South inspected loft can have an examination of the waters significantly more on the grounds that the city. This examination is unmistakably great. Fitters normally actualize great arrangements of for southerly surveyed homes.

You will surely acquire a residence generally close to the water on the off chance that you diminish southern. On the off chance that you would absolutely been searching for a residence that may excessively diminished in any case have a honest research ponder, attempting to discover a banks southern home is that a standout amongst the most proficient elective choice. These homes may be found all through Singapore. Lofts in Singapore are one out of a few the key favored flat or condominiums rivercove location. Condominiums feign square advance gave in Scarborough at a genuinely reasonable rate. Rivercove ec square treatment typically a quondam acquires thusly you mean to pick your own one of a kind fastidiously. Try not to proceed on the off chance that it is to your requests. Take contemplate and also quite a while adequately. You have truly acquired all the time you favor. On adjust it is your well deserved subsidizing that you essentially could be use.

Strategies Rivercove Executive Condominium

The apartment realty market is prospering likewise within the center of tough economic issues along with maintains expanding. The interest rate in condos will absolutely continuously be to enhance whilst the neighborhood of Singapore preserves rising. Nevertheless, the Singapore market is beginning to heat-up. Presently the outright ideal minutes to enter to the marketplace while moseying expenditures continuously remain in historical lows as well as acquire up a selection of Singapore is impressive deals. The city of Singapore is one of one of one of the most booming cities, together with the land of Ontario’s sources city of Singapore.

An innovative location of eruptive advancement, houses are amongst one of the most reliable on earth. Structure on condominium frameworks continues to be to increase in Singapore, using among one of the most recent houses being established often. A selection of markets with these markets come the well-paying work that consistently create Newbie’s to Singapore in large amounts yearly, in addition to contact Singapore house.

The popular for river cove residence family or industrial house stimulated by a boost of above 1 million people in the INS 2015 recommend that your financial investment is made sure to create a better degree of return. Whether you are buying Pre Building sales, resale or job, the Singapore residential or commercial property market is a specific wager the money you dedicate might give solid returns. If you looking for to produce clever acquisition, currently the long-term to acquire rivercove residences ec.

The residential or industrial home organization is considerably included with its optimum that can be considered a beneficial solution for all residential or business household or industrial residential property developers. Together with this, you will locate no signs of lowering. Beachfront home or company residential properties or coastline make Texas Coastline costs houses a great deal more tempting to possible structure buyers. These high qualities are believed in advance to be simply exceptional for many people that will absolutely be truly testing to stop. You will certainly find an approach to take pleasure in within their residence for various nobody could stay clear of the extraordinary watch. Later on when hi feel they want to truly really feel the design of the city as well as they are currently, all-they should do is to move-from the house there actually feel the city’s concern.

How To Get Pashmina

Summer months are virtually completed along with fall months already embedded in making their entrance. One advantage is soon you are particular to obtain rid of that old garments as well as update your winter month’s time lineup. Hence, what have you included now to offer the unique feeling for your fall wardrobe? Topcoats, shirts, mittens, together with blazers are identified as the latest participants. It can be just like a repeat of the previous period’s series. This moment around, additional something entirely new as well as stylish, like a pashmina serape. Considered the brand name of style, beauty and also beauty a pashmina serape is adored throughout the world.
A great type of hand crafted serapes, Pashmina shawls remain in fact among a number of hottest shawls. Pashm wool is a unique kind of wool that is removed from a specific selection of goat belonging to high Himalayan Mountains. This particular woolen is considered among numerous really soft sorts of wools plus they are hand crafted to assist maintain the elegance as well as splendor. Once the weaving of the shawl is finished, weavers tint it and after which embroider this specific scarf. Since Kashmir decoration has already been appreciated because of the top-notch, their making on Pashmina Cachemire makes these stoles show up creative. Lots of reasons exist which will make these kinds of serapes a superb choice for autumn garments collection. These kinds of serapes are fairly comfortable and also unbelievably light-weight to hold. There exists a popular belief that a pashmina shawl may be gone through the extremely tiny opening of a wedding celebration ring. This myth already shows the great top quality of the pashmina stoles.
Pashmina stole provides a great unrivaled touch of style and also magic spell to every person who has actually covered all of it around. This is not simply an amazing selection to provide a trendy, sophisticated as well as ageless feeling to your apparel but furthermore a great present choice. You possibly could make every one of your family and friends pleased by giving a pashmina shawl making all them compliment your design. A lot of these trendy shawls could be partnered in addition to just about any type of clothing you would certainly like whether it be an informal outfit, a real evening outfit and even formal outfitting, you have the ability to have a pashmina scarf, shawl along with scarf to look excellent as well as unique. If you are looking for a great deal of different other clothes made from pashmina woolen subsequently you could additionally inspect the market. Today pashmina weavers additionally are creating pashmina sweatshirts, different tops and also unique kurta. It is feasible to establish these types of clothes with denim jeans or pants

10 The Best Company Logos of the World

Now a days we don’t go behind a product if that company logos are not familiar. We do have those product in our hands if that corporate logos are worth having. We have taken a solid estimate among people about their favorite and best logos of the world and present you the list of Top 10 craziest logos of the world that drives today’s people crazy.

  • Windows
    Windows has been in the top of the technology cliff since the world revolutionized with information and innovation. This logo windows gains drives people more crazy at the time of technology emerging era. This stood as one of the Top 10 best logos of the world till today as the design hits minds of people with glossy and fancy design and a streamlined blue.
  • Dominos Pizza
    The dominos pizza, itself seems to connect the dots of the people in their eating habits and lifestyle. Since pizza has changed the food habits of millions, Dominos logo is one of the creative logos of the world that attained a prestigious position in Top 10 even in the pizza world of serving to people. It is said that the three dots of Dominos Pizza symbolises the first three successful restaurants opened.
  • Nike
    Nike which is known to be the inspiration and innovation for every athlete. This corporate logo representation of right itself makes it brand a right choice of every athlete and sportster. The Nike literally means a greek goddess of victory named Nike. This Nike has become a Top 10 craziest logos of the world among people today, starting from sports materials till fashion like t-shirts everyone are fond of Nike.
  • Fastrack
    Tata enterprise has succeeded in introducing another Make in India brand owing to its success of Titan. Fastrack has created waves in the lives of people lifestyle by providing glossy designer watches. One of the great logos that fastrack does have as their representation attracted the youth population is its major success. Since the logo means of the streamlined and fastest way of achieving the goal, this has made a mark among the Top 10 logo of the world.
  • Android
    Android, the name has revolutionized the mobile world. The mobile phones which are present before android are no longer valuable to the mobile phone after android thus it transformed it into a smartphone world. People are fond of Android logo since it has evolved as their user-friendly and most successful operating system. This logo is known to be one of the best business logos now started to roll in smartphones among people in the form of android watch, bags and much more.
  • KFC
    Kfc the logo with its tag name says ‘sooo good’ for the people. kfc has totally changed the eating habits of the people. The major population who enjoys their treat and parties in major hotels now rushed towards a showroom which bears kfc logo on their wall. Yes, the kfc has turned people upside down that even from kids to adults everyone are crazy in eating kfc chicken thus the logo occupies a position among Top 10 logos of the world.
  • Youtube
    A large video hub that has greater impact on people life is the youtube. This is one of the corporate logos says that the brand was made for the people resembling ‘You’ for the people. Any video good or bad that goes viral on youtube creates sensation. Youtube gives rise to many successful entrepreneurs and are greatly helpful and useful for all smaller and larger organizations.
  • Facebook
    Facebook commonly known as FB has its logo in a simple format ‘f’ with blue-filled. This single letter has made people crazier that they could spend their whole day 24*7 in front of the facebook rather than facing a book. Facebook has been in the top of among website logos of the world since it was succeeded by the following two brands coming up.
  • Whatsapp
    This is the ultimate winner of facebook. This seems to ask people whats up! Whatsapp with the green background has many green features that allows people anywhere to be in touch with each other through this light green logo. Whatsapp has influenced millions and billions of people which now makes everyone crazier. Nowadays one cannot find one smartphone without whatsapp which has now been an in-build app in every new smartphones.
  • Apple
    Its Apple which is the top among the Top 10 business logos that make people crazy. The bitten Apple has been biting billions and billions of people. Any gadget with apple logo relatively transforms the social degree and style of any people to a world-class standard. It has been believed that the person with the apple logo handset in their hand is considered to have more social value and respected more. The ultimate success of the Apple Logo is that Inspite of the hectic price of the brand people run behind it exclusively for the log that everyone can accept.

Health Benefits of Consume Dark Chocolate

Chocolate! As one reads it, there would be 3/5 who would wish to have it now. Age is no limit to curtail the desire for chocolate. “Age no bar for Cadbury Gems!” Though many eat chocolate for its mouthwatering taste, there are many interesting facts to know about them! Chocolate too have health benefits. ! Dark chocolate are good for health as it contains more of cocoa beans. Except for chocolate made of cocoa beans others have excess of sugar.
Dark Chocolate Reduces The Risk of Heart Diseases
Is your heart beat racing on the sight of chocolate? Do you wish to eat chocolate? But are you afraid that it may harm your heart? There is an interesting fact about dark chocolate which many are unaware about. Dark chocolate have more of anti-oxidants. This anti-oxidants helps in widening your arteries and veins thus preventing plaque formation which restricts the blood flow. Consequently it prevents cardiovascular disorders and improves your health. So people who have brave or weak hearts, no one would fear chocolate anymore! ☺
Dark Chocolate Reduces Diabetes

Sugar free chocolate????? But if it was sugar free chocolate, then it would be stated “consumable by diabetic patients”. Why should it be stated that it reduces diabetes? Think twice. Yes it is not a sugar free specific chocolate or chocolate produced solely for diabetic patients.
Cocoa beans naturally has the quality to reduce diabetes. Dark chocolate are made from cocoa beans has greater health benefits. Flavonoids is a molecule that has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-clotting effects. These substances in dark chocolate helps to increase the insulin thus lessening the risk of diabetes.
So people with diabetics, if you are crazy about sweets then you could satisfy your temptation by having dark chocolate! ☺
Dark Chocolate Reduces Stress
Ahh! Smell chocolate and you feel that you are lightened and energetic. You feel that you are relived from your pressure. How many of you have experienced this? Observe closely and you would see that magic. This magic happens because Dark chocolate acts as a catalyst to increase the theta brain waves. This ultimately relaxes your nerves and could give you healthy benefit that you may feel.
If you want to recover your stamina after workouts then eat a chocolate!
Dark Chocolate Prevents Tooth Decay

“My child is 10 and I have done 2 root canals for him! So I don’t allow him to have chocolate.”
Oh my God! Restricting a child from having chocolate is the most severe punishment that the child could ever get. Here is an interesting and enlightening fact about chocolate which will make both the parents and children happy.
It is a fact that sweetened eatables usually cause tooth decay. chocolate are also full of sugar and you might probably think that it is not good for your teeth. But it is not completely true. Theo Bromine is a substance that is present in pure cocoa. chocolate made up of pure cocoa helps you prevent tooth decay. Theo Bromine is present in dark chocolate and it fights with the bacteria in the mouth and ensure healthy tooth.
This is really a good information for chocolate loving kids.
Dark Chocolate Boost Memory
Do you have weak memory? There is a proven scientific fact about chocolate.
It has been suggested by scientist at Harvard Medical School that hot chocolate may help in boosting memory power. It acts as a stimulant to keep your brain healthy. Drinking two cups of hot chocolate a day may prevent memory decline in older people. Hot chocolate increases the blood flow in the brain and provides more energy to parts of the brain. This is one of the astonishing dark chocolate heath benefits.
Isn’t this a welcome news about chocolate? If questioned why we consume more chocolate then, we have a very good excuse. ☺
Dark Chocolate Protect Your Skin

Everyone would wish to look beautiful. Every individual would desire to have glowing skin and stunning look. So, we use face creams, makeup kit etc.
You need not strain much. If you want a glowing and healthy skin, then eat dark chocolate. This is one of the cool healthy benefits of dark chocolate. The compounds found in dark chocolate are good for your skin. It increase the blood flow to your skin. It increases the density of skin thereby prevents your skin from the UV rays. It also hydrates the skin. These effects caused by dark chocolate helps reduce the harm caused by sun.
Say bye to creams! Dark chocolate does it all!
Dark Chocolate Helps to Prevent Aging
If the witch in Tangled (movie/ fairy tale) had known this fact about chocolate, then she would not have spoil the life of the young princess for her hair which keeps the witch young. ☺ Yes chocolate helps to prevent aging.
With each bite of the chocolate you look younger. Isn’t it a great news about chocolate? 80% of the dark chocolate have anti-aging compound in it. The fact that chocolate makes your skin glow by pumping blood to the skin is linked to this fact that dark chocolate works to slow down your aging.

Here comes the real health benefits of dark chocolate that everyone want in nutrition. Chocolate contains iron, magnesium in permissible amounts. Choose dark chocolate as they are 70% healthy. Else opt for almond chocolate. Dark chocolate has flavonoids which acts as vitamin B anti-oxidants. Dark chocolate have high fat content. This is why many don’t believe when said chocolate are good for health. But this fat comes from plants and it is less harmful.
Nutrition in everyone’s favorite! I know this fact about chocolate brought a great relief to people who are dieting.
Dark Chocolate is Good For Your Pet
Your pet dogs and cats may fall ill or even die if they have chocolate. So watch and keep chocolate in a place that is not easily reachable by your pets at home.
Almond and its use in Chocolate!
Of the total almond production in the world almost 40% of it is used for chocolate production! Almonds have more of nutritional value that could fetch you greater health benefits.

The Reason You May Not Know Why Celebrate Labour Day

People so called Busy-bee. Every one of us who are in working class waits for a sunday to come. May be expected to have 2 sunday per week. Hence we have a day that was made for all labour across the world. Yes! today labour day 2015, so called May day celebrated in our country India. We must know the reason behind this recognition in this labour day 2015.

  • Labour day was first celebrated in New York city. The date of celebration was September 5th 1882. Later in 1884 it had been declared to celebrate the first monday of every september. The Labour day was mean to be celebrated.
  • Labour day was the result of the American Labour Union and was promoted by Central Labour Union who organized the first parade.
  • There is still a conflict in knowing “Who is the founder of the Labour Day”. The past records shows that Peter J. McGuire,who was the general secretary for the Union of Carpenters was the first in making this day as an honor for all the workers. But later recent researchers says that Matthew Maguire, a machinist have founded this day as Labour day. No one knows who actually invented the Labour day since Labour day 2015.
  • This Labour day had been declared as a Nationwide Holiday in 1894. In this day Americans celebrate with various athelete events, parties and many other sports too.
  • A Movie was release in 2013 as “Labor Day” directed by Jason Reitman starring Kate Winslet, Josh Brolin, Gattlin Griffith. The movie revolves around the story that happens in labor day weekend. The Movie rocks tha box-office with 6.9 / 10 IMDb rating.
  • Not Only this day celebrated in America. The Labour day was celebrated in May 1st of every year in India,Pakistan, Finland, France, Germany, china and many other countries. It is 1st monday in October for Australians. 7th June in Bahamas, 4th Monday in October for New Zealand.
  • Since most of the countries celebrate May day as Labour day. It has been declared as “International Workers Day” and made as Mandatory Public Holiday.
  • In India, May day was first celebrated in Madras (Chennai) at Marina Beach in 1923. It was organized by Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan. There was statue in the beach as a symbol of honor for the workers.
  • This was the First time Red Flag was used in India as a symbol of honor for labour who shed their blood for work. This also means that ‘Working is a never ending process present in the blood of Indians’.
  • Labour day has its origin to make 8 hours as working hour for people. It was been made in “Labour Union Movement” also called as “8 hour Movement”. But today people run beyond the hours as it was 9 hrs for any IT people who spends 10,11 and even 12 hrs a day in office. Indeed in this Labour day 2015 we need another Labour Union Movement for these unhealthy practice.

Best 10 Practise Yoga For Weight Loss

Something that all of us browse secretly is the tips to lose weight.
Let me tell you few ways of yoga asanas for weight loss, here you can lose weight by practicing yoga on a regular basis.
These are easier yoga asanas for weight loss that are not going to get you cramps.

  1. Downward-facing dog Pose
    On a significant breathe out, this is one of the significant yoga asanas for weight loss, the hips are pushed toward the roof, the body shapes a modified V-shape. The back is completely forthright with the front ribs tucked in. The legs are totally candid with the heels coming to the floor. The hands are open. The arms are straight, with the internal elbows turning towards the roof. The shoulders are wide and loose. Line up the ears with the internal armed which keeps the neck stretched. The hands are shoulder width separated and feet stay hip-width separated. In the event that the hamstrings are exceptionally solid or tight, the knees are bowed to permit the spine to protract completely. The navel is drawn inwards. The hips climb and back. On a breath out, release the hands and knees and rest in fetal position.
  2. Half Wheel Pose
    This being one among the best yoga asanas for weight loss is to conditions your arms and shoulder muscles. Stand straight with feet together and arms nearby the body. Breathe in, raise your arms overhead, palms confronting one another. Breathe out, tenderly twist in reverse pushing the pelvis forward, keeping the arms in accordance with the ears, elbows and knees straight, head up, and lifting your midsection towards the roof. Hold. Breathe in, return up. Breathing out, put your arms down and unwind.
  3. Chair Pose
    Stay in Tadasana position. Bring your hands up. At that point bend your knees and endeavor to keep your thighs parallel with the floor in the same route in which you sit on a seat. Stay in this position for 30 seconds and discharge. This will help you in diminishing fat from the arms and thighs and could be one of the best yoga asanas for weight loss.
  4. Warrior Pose
    For this, you have to stand straight and after that move your feet around 4 inches separated from one another. Bring your arms up & stretch them. Presently turn your right leg to 90 degrees on the right side & appropriately turn your left leg in the same course & stretch it. Hold your back straight. Look upwards towards your hands confronting the sky. Rehash this asana 10 times day by day. It is a powerful weight yoga asanas for weight loss.
  5. Mountain Pose
    Here you need to stand straight on a mat. Presently, you need to put your hands up & stretch it as much as you can. Attempt to keep your hands straight. This gives a decent massage to your hands, back, spine and the entire body. This is the most prescribed yoga asanas for weight loss and an asana for tallness too.
  6. Intense Dorsal Stretch
    Take a seat on the floor with both legs stretched out forward before you. Stretch your arms and body forward and attempt to touch your toes. Try not to curve your knees & attempt to touch your toes. These kinds of yoga asanas for weight loss gives a decent extend to your hands, arms & your spine. Likewise, it lessens additional tummy fat & keeps your sound & free from ailments
  7. Triangle Pose
    Stand straight, put your feet wide separated. Turn your right foot out to 90 degrees & forgot foot to 15 degrees. Guarantee that your body’s weight is adjusted similarly on both feet. Twist your body to the right side, descending from the hips. Verify that you keep your waist straight, along these lines permitting your left hand to come open to question and your right hand descends and touches the ground. Attempt to keep both the arms in a straight line. Rehash on the other side. Trikonasana extends the sides of your body. It conditions your arms & thighs. It additionally enhances the adaptability of your body and thus be a suggested yoga asanas for weight loss.
  8. Hand Under Foot Pose
    Stand straight with your feet touching one another. Breathe out and twist downwards from your hips to touch your feet with your fingers. Keep your arms extended in the entire procedure. Gradually rise upwards and back to the first position.
  9. Cobra Pose
    Lie on your stomach. puts your palms under your shoulders in a way that it gets tucked near to your body. Stretch your legs in a manner that the highest point of your foot presses down into the mat. Presently breathe in & gradually press your hands to extend your arms, sending your chest upwards. This posture resembles a snake & consequently it is known as the cobra stance or the snake posture. These has been a well known yoga asanas for weight loss.
  10. Wind-Relieving Pose
    Rest on your back in a straight position. Right away lift up your left leg & fold it from the knee. In a split second, attempt to press your left leg towards your stomach. Attempt to touch your chin with your knee. For this, you will need to lift up your head a bit. Have a go at doing in addition with right leg too. When you enough do this, have a go at doing correspondingly progression with both the legs in the meantime. This is one of the most successful yoga asanas for weight loss and helps in lessening fats in your stomach.

10 Things When You Are in 20 Years Old, Becarefull!!

“At the Age of 20″, “When i was in 20 years old”, this phrase everyone use to say 20 years later. There are things that never return in our life, one among them is Age. Being a Youth, we must do something before we get ripened. Yup ! these things we must concentrate in our 20s.

  1. Build Quality Network in Your 20 Years Old
    Whenever we talk about network our mind goes to Facebook, Twitter, whatsapp..Today we have a very big friend list, followers and groups for chat. We could accept that we have such a huge networks and friend followers. But everyone should analyse whether the network that you have build in your social profile are quality networks. I agree with these most powerful tools of social networks. One can be benefited to the optimum level in 20 years old only when he uses these tools in a intelligent manner.
  2. Analyse What You Want in life in Your 20 Years Old
    When we stepped into KG’s we would probably think and learned to excel in alphabets and one to ten numerical. But when the day rolls we would have spoken out our wish of becoming a doctor or an engineer or anything else. Everyone has a very crucial part in their life of deciding what they want to be. Literally everyone would accept that it’s 20 years old . Yes! May be 20 years old decide our carrier path of where we will be in the next upcoming years of our lifetime. Hence we are in a while to care these age 20 even if you don’t accept.
  3. Travel More in Your 20 Years Old
    May be at the age of 20 many of us will get an Opportunity to explore the society. It’s the right time that changes our pace of life that makes us to face the society wall rather than our bedroom window or school corridor. Travelling more in this 20 age period could give us variety of experience in meeting people, culture, standard of living and even more.
  4. Develop Patience
    20 years old youngster obviously wants everything to be done immediately without any time lag. This is the age where most of us will never have patience towards anything we do. But the fact is the patience and maturity that we develop 20 years After is the result of that we seed in this age 20. People who are patience in their 20s achieved big in their lifetime. This patience has the enormous power of designing our future as well.
  5. Be Mentally Healthy
    Today we celebrate a day for diabetes. 90% of victims to diabetes is due to stress and those stress are the result of mental sickness. We run behind our schools, colleges, offices from dawn to dusk we don’t have time to spend for ourselves as well as our own family. God has created this earth with 12hrs night and 12 hrs day just because to keep man healthy with sleep. Our mind needs equal amount of sleep as much as our work. This is the most lacking scenario among the youngsters who are 20 years old. We hesitate to involve ourselves in things that our mind gets refreshment. It is very important for us to be mentally healthy inorder to live a healthy lifestyle.
  6. Take care of Your Body
    One cannot draw an art without a wall. A well known fact in the world. however big your dreams maybe you should have a healthy body to withstand in this world. We usually don’t care about our body in this 20 years old . Eating roadside, sleeping late night, roaring entire city without thinking of drinking water, studying entire syllabus over night for exams, playing nonstop games and starring at our smartphones even without bothering about our eye’s rest, waking up in afternoon everything makes our mind as such we are enjoying the day. But literally we don’t realize that these habits are makes the worst part of our life 20 years after. So age 20 is the right time that you should atleast bother about your own flesh before it gets crushed.
  7. Create Healthy Habits in Your 20s
    Yup! Brushing our teeth in every morning as soon as we get up is the result of practice that later has become habit. Whoever the person may be in the world each and everyone has some common and unique habits in them. Usually these habits are born in childhood within us and are brought up in our 20 years old. Waking up at a constant time in the morning is a habit while getting into bed at fixed time too makes an habit. Updating yourself with the latest news in your smartphone every morning is a habit while practicing some aerobics at the evening makes an habit. If you can’t live without Internet in your mobile too is a result of a habit that usually grows at the age 20. Therefore it’s upto you who are gonna design your life after 20 years by cultivating healthy habits in you.
  8. Learn New things
    A student will get his credit when he is updated with his new lessons. An employee will get benefited if he is in the latest trend. Learning new things not only meant for lectures but also for each and every individual who strive to achieve big in this world. If you are a taxi driver learn new routes. If you are cook then try with new dishes. If you are ceo of a company then find new ways to innovate your projects. Whoever you may be or wherever you may be in you can do something new when you are 20 years old because you will have tremendous energy in redefining the way that world thinks. Rock well. You can.!
  9. Master in What You Know
    No one can walk on the rope unless he masters in walking on it. He himself could not master in that skill unless he practices more to do so. Similarly we all in this world will be definitely doing some works. A mason could eventually sketch a building to be constructed in greater manner well than an engineer. This could be possible only if he decides to master in his skill. Youth of 20’s have adequate skill to develop and grasp the things which are around them perfectly. So could you do.!
  10. Read a Lot
    We may be tired of reading books when we are in schools and colleges. I never means that kind of reading. Those we read for our livelihood but read literally means reading to live your life. Yesteryear people developed their reading habits through newspapers and books. We too have lots of newspapers, magazines and publishers book around us. Our generation reading owns e-paper in our smartphones e-magazines and pdf e-books. We too have e-book readers as well in the form of apps and even as device kindle. When you don’t find your interest in reading paper based sources just make your smartphones installed with most useful news apps like newshunt, google play news, flipboard, buzzfeed etc., you can also find the e-version of the newspapers in app stores for almost all. Install by your own choice and start reading lot useful information.

Kinds Of Funny But True Facts For Facebook Users

List of Top 10 funny but true facts for facebook people. These funny but true facebook facts would let you to question the reality you are living. You will Absolutely Accept this facebook reality if you are well used to Facebook.

  1. To be honest Status
    To be honest, you can be honest right on their face not on facebook. This is Ofcourse funny but true facts about facebook users And hash tag status yet another a menace.
  2. Posting On Other’s Wall
    Something that can be asked on a chat or text message is posted on the wall.This funny act makes us forget that we are living in a practical world. This seems to be funny but true facts in everyone’s facebook life.
  3. Game Invites
    In this you never feel bad to invite anyone on this earth to play candycrush. Of course funny ! but true facts still exist. This is the same for other games also.
  4. Tributes and Gratitude
    You pay tribute to the entire world here. Thank a person with gifts or thank god by going to a temple. Why on facebook augmented reality?
  5. Facebook Family
    The entire family lives in the same house, but passes comments and conveys their messages on which seems to be funny but true facts felt across every family. Can’t you tell them directly?
  6. Being Social
    Even the most reserved person gets social on facebook. They try to become a totally new person. What a funny but true facts which started happening only on facebook before instagram arrives.
  7. Tagging Photos
    You get tagged in photos for no reason. Your friends tag you on posts just for likes or notifications on facebook.
  8. Sharing Problems
    Share your heart out. Even if you don’t have any one to share your problem, This is ofcourse one of the most funny but true facts that people radically accepts.
  9. Funny But True Facts Between Friends
    You talk a lot with the person on facebook chat, but when you see them in person you won’t even bother to say hi.
    Sometimes we wonder how the ugliest of the profile photos getting maximum number of likes. This is seriously a strange fact that happens only on facebook. Don’t know how. But could be our top choice of funny but true facts for facebook.

Recommended Places to Spend Summer Holidays Around Chennai

Exams are done and it is time for summer vacation. At least for a month, no more school, studies, books, exams, tuitions etc. Summer vacations are up and everyone would gear up to spend their summer vacation. It is a strict “NO” to spend summer vacation at home. If not at home, then do you wonder how to spend summer vacation? There are many places to visit in Chennai which would make your vacation useful. Parents must relax/compromise on their busy schedule to spend time with their family

It is difficult to list the best places to spend your vacation as each individual will have a different taste. Here are some of the places to visit in Chennai during your summer vacation. Explore each destination based on your interest!

  1. Dakshina Chitra
    If you are a lover of art, tradition and culture, then you should definitely top Dakshina Chitra in your list of the places to visit in Chennai. It is a heritage museum which will inspire you to look at South India in a different perspective. It will make you fall in love with South Indian architecture, lifestyles, crafts and performing arts.
    You can have your hands on pottery, shell crafts, mehendi, weaving, puppets, origami and more. It gives you an indefinable joy when you make a pot all by yourself. Take a walk through the traditional and historical houses constructed with the relative items; it will give you a desire to live in those days. Even the person who has the least liking towards art works will start developing interest in them. It is the most beautiful place to visit in Chennai. A visit to this place on your summer vacation will load with splendid creativity, memories, pictures and knowledge.
  2. Mahabalipuram
    Incredible place to visit in Chennai is Mahabalipuram. It is the historic plus famous tourists spot in Chennai. One could never find a place more suitable to spend summer vacation in Chennai. This picnic spot has the greatest architectural and sculptural accomplishments in India. This 7th Century Pallava monuments are feast to eyes. This stands a proof for the architectural talent during the period of Pallava. Nine monolithic temples are present in Mahabalipuram. The most significant of the nine are Five Rathas which is etched after the famous five Pandas of Mahabharata.
    The remarkable part of these sculptures is that, they are carved out of a single rock. The cave temples are artistic. The sandy beach with its silvery sea waves welcomes you with large tides. It is a fantastic sea shore surrounded by vast trees. Throughout the way you can find innumerable handicrafts and craftworks. You will stop at each shop; if not to buy but at least to gaze! All these together make Mahabalipuram a stunning place any visitor would be mesmerized by its majesty.
  3. Muttukadu
    Muttukadu boat house is one of the most pre dominant places that would never skip the discussion hall when planning on how to spend the summer vacation. It is a beautiful serene place to visit in Chennai. Muttukadu boat house which is owned by Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation attracts more visitors each day. This boat house has different boats like pedal boats, row boats, motor boats etc. as you find in other boat clubs. Life-jackets are given to all. Thus safety is ensured. You would experience a joy which reaches above expectations when you ride under that over-bridge built over the Muttukadu Lake.
    There are large buildings in the backdrop which adds to beauty of the ride. At times, you may catch a sight of many kinds of lovely birds There is bamboo roofed waiting room and chairs outside the room for the visitors to wait and enjoy the lake view. The chill breeze will rejuvenate you. If you visit this place in Chennai as part of your summer vacation, then you can be assured that you will return energetic with peaceful mind.
  4. Marina and Elliot’s beach
    Summer vacation! The most crowded place would definitely turn to be Marina beach. Irrespective of the age group, when a plan is drafted on how to spend summer vacation, beach would never be skipped at any cost. How one could exists who doesn’t like to play with the mad waves? With its glittering golden sand and massive sea bed, Marina beach is the second largest beach in World. Watching the sun rise and sun set in Marina is fascinating and it will stun all your senses. Walking in the beach sand is really a tough task because of its friction. But that will not help you slow down and daunt your desire to feel the waves!
    Horse ride is one of the most exciting experience which will make you feel light and one should not miss this. Take a walk and you will feel energetic and enthusiastic. Small boats and ships at the horizons, the light house and its gigantic structure and harbour are a pleasant sight. There are historical monuments like Annadurai and MG Ramachandran memorials etc. Which will remind you of the famous personalities and their achievements. There are various food stalls which are more than enough to feast your taste buds. Chilli baji is my favourite item in Marina beach and none other place could serve you a baji much tastier like that! Your visit to Marina will load with many moments to cherish for lifetime.
  5. Pulicat Lake
    Pulicat Lake is one of the finest places in Chennai and an ideal summer vacation spot. Pulicat Lake is of great picturesque beauty. Many different coloured birds can be found in the lake banks. You will find diverse aquatic life in these lakes. The one special activity that could make your visit special is boat ride. Addition to the boat ride, fishing can also be done. The fishermen or the boatman will provide you with necessary equipment and help you with fishing.
    This is one of the special features in this best family picnic spot. Carry binoculars and camera with you, to capture amusing landscape. The climate in Pulicat Lake is simply calm and heart-warming. You can also set a camp near the lagoon. Pack your picnic lunch with you since there are no food joints available here.
    If you are great admirer of nature, then this spot is a must in your list of places to visit in Chennai during summer vacation.
  6. Vandalur Zoo
    Vandalur zoo in the out-skirts of Chennai city is a place to visit without fail during your summer vacation. In my point of you, the only place which you could choose without a second thought is vandalur zoo,because it is feasible in terms of cost and it educates and rejuvenates your spirit.
    The vegetation in vandalur zoo is commendable. The flora and fauna preserved and displayed in a wonderful landscape are exhilarating. Vandalur zoo is one of the picnic spots in Chennai and it is the pride of the state.
    You can spot almost all animals which exists in different regions of the world.
    Many species of monkey, deer, jackal, wolf, snake and all kinds of reptiles, different colored birds, tortoise, elephant, zebra, hyena, hippopotamus, giraffe, kangaroo etc.
    The giants of the zoo are lion, panther, tiger and cheetah. You have vehicles to help you transport inside the zoo. You could also find a great aquarium. Elephant bath and animal feeding time are noteworthy and should not be missed.
    Vandalur zoo should be applauded for its maintenance. Though you have to walk for long time, you will never get tired. With trees and shelters on all sides, it filters and prevents the heat of this terrible summer and the pleasant breeze will make you dissolve in beauty of vandalur zoo.
  7. Guindy Snake Park and Children’s Park
    If you are in love with flora and fauna, then you should include GNP in your schedule on how to spend your summer vacation. GNP and children’s park houses more than 600 different species. It has species of vertebrates and invertebrates. It is a shelter for deer, hyena, porcupines, jackal, monkeys, ants, grasshoppers,slugs etc.
    Are you longing for fresh air, peace of mind without compromising on fun and that too in a place located in the heart of city? Then your place of choice could only be GNP and children’s park. No other park in chennai could substitute this excellent place which toils with the motive to stress the importance of conservation and bio diversity.GNP is naturally a center of attraction for biologists. If you want your vacation to be both educative and fun, then this is the place to go. GNP and children’s park conducts camps to educate and create awareness on conservation. This is the exact place to educate on the significance of bio diversity.
  8. ChokiDhani
    Do you want to spend your summer vacation in Rajasthan? Wait! I could catch your mind. Why would anyone want to spend money and go to Rajasthan, when the heat in Chennai itself is not tolerable? Isn’t it that you were thinking about? There is an exciting place in Chennai which brings you the complete Rajasthani heritage. Choki Dhani! It is a mind blowing destination which will delight you in all aspects. Choki Dhani serves the purpose as a picinic spot in all dimensions thus making it a best place to visit in chennai.
    It has food, fun and entertainment. Choki Dhani portraits the uniqueness of Rajasthan, starting from their hospitality and traversing you through their ethnic culture and tradition. Rajasthani mandir, village lifestyle, animal rides, food, dresses, lawns,folk dances, light music etc, are all brought live to Chennai in the name of Chokidhani.
    With all the elements of admiration, this Chokidhani with its simple village concept is truly a wonderful place in Chennai to spend your evening with your family during your summer vacation.
  9. Malls
    The place which has more crowd next to railway stations is our city malls. From kids to adult everyone enjoy being there even without a reason. Now we have lots of malls in Chenab which has all class of shopping inside it. Spencer plaza would be opted for low and mid priced purchase while others like skywalk, express avenue, pheonix will afford a lot for the buyers.
    Shopping malls are not only meant for shopping at the malls it’s now a hub of cinema and fun. You could spend 3 hrs in watching any language movie with the top class facility at only Rs. 120. Starting from cinema it’s now the era of 5D and 7D theaters that are available inside the malls.
    You can spend a complete day this summer with your loved ones in malls watching your favorite cinema and engaging around fun filled games which are very realistic in nature. Every malls have their own style of fun activities to keep you entertained for hours.
  10. Theme parks
    Theme parks are being the No.1 choice of people who would like to spend their one complete summer day with their friends, colleagues and family. People rushing to theme parks never comes in single. Their will be a group of people always enjoying in the crowd.
    We have theme parks around the nook and corner round the city thus making it a best place to visit in chennai. We have kishkintha well made for kids and VGP for beach lovers, mid range rides for adults in MGM, extreme entertainment with all class of fun in Queensland. Whatever may be your choice you are going to enjoy the realm of joy in every fun filled ride with your loved ones and gonna be wet in water rides and swimming pools. Theme parks have been the best among the choice of others because of the need that gets satisfied which means enjoying a discount on price when you are in group also spending a whole day inside that fun city inside the chennai city.